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Weddings - Banns


Banns are normally read on the first three Sundays of the month which leaves one clear month between the banns and the month of the wedding (e.g. banns for a wedding in August will be read on the first three Sundays of June).

If either partner lives outside the parish you must go and visit the Church of England Vicar of the parish church where they live and ask him or her to publish your Banns of Marriage. The Vicar of that church will then give notice, during the Sunday service, for three weeks in the period three months prior to the wedding that you are to be married and ask if anybody knows of any reason why you should not be allowed to do so. You may like to go along to church to hear these banns being read - so ask when they will begin. 

Afterwards contact the Vicar and ask for a Banns Certificate which proves that they have been read out. There is a charge of £34 for the reading and certificate which  must then be shown to the minister who is marrying you prior to the wedding.

Very important - if a valid banns certificate is not shown you cannot be married so you must take this responsibility seriously. If in doubt ask for help.