The Washington coat of arms

History - The Washingtons

James Washington was Lord of the Manor of Adwick during the latter half of the 16th century and he built Adwick Hall, which served as the family home for over a century.

His son James held office as Treasurer for Lame Soldiers during the reign of James I.

James Washington's son Darcy married Ann Wentworth and was a supporter of the Royalist cause during the Civil War.

Darcy's own son James, a Lt. Colonel in the King's Forces, was killed at the Second Siege of Pontefract.

The family fortunes had dwindled by the early 18th century when the Washingtons left Adwick.

The Adwick Washingtons have no proved connection with the first President of the USA, George Washington, a decendant of a John Washington who settled in Virginia in 1657. There were numerous branches of the family in England.