Oak-framed porch

History - Church Exterior

A stone porch, added perhaps in the 14th century, was demolished in 1875 and replaced by the present oak-framed, and leaded-glazed porch.

At the same time, the south exterior face of the nave wall was encased in limestone in a form that, lacking distinct courses, is quite out of keeping with the earlier masonry, part of which is visible above the newer work.

The south walls of the nave and chancel

Above the now-blocked priest's door in the south wall of the chancel can be seen the mass dial scratched in the stone lintel. This originally indicated the time for the mass, said by the priest daily in the years preceding the Reformation.

The priest's door          The mass dial

Against the east wall of the chancel stands a memorial stone to five victims of an outbreak of cholera in 1832 at Hampole.

Memorial stone to cholera victims

In the graveyard extension is a 13th century incised stone coffin lid removed from the steps of the choir vestry during re-flooring of the nave in 1995.