Christenings - Infants and Children


The church views the birth of an infant as a most precious gift from God, and we at Saint Laurence’s church wish you and your family every joy and blessing.

You must be very proud, and we are sure that you want to do the very best for your baby. Christening (also called Baptism) is part of this - and we too shall be very proud and happy to give your child a loving welcome as a new Christian.  Most important of all, God loves your baby.
This section is to help you begin thinking about the christening, and to tell you about the arrangements for christenings at St Laurence’s.

Baptism is a big step to take on behalf of your child. It is a commitment made by you to bring your child up as a Christian.  Your child becomes a member of God's family here on earth and with this you accept responsibility for his / her spiritual care.

There is no need to rush into baptising your baby - God loves your little one from the moment he or she was conceived.

Remember, your child can always choose for her / himself to be baptised at a later date.

To learn more, see the Baptism section of the Church of England website.